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CUSEAS is an intellectual, non-partisan forum committed to facilitating cross-disciplinary academic dialogue on Southeast Asia. We host a diverse range of speakers from many disciplines whose experiences and research touches on Southeast Asia, and aim to provide a space for Cambridge graduates and students of Southeast Asia to come together and share their interests and research. We also aim to build this website up into a links and resource hub of scholarly, bibliographic and contemporary information on Southeast Asia.

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2019/20 Committee

saad research.png

President | St Edmund's

Saad is a 3rd year reading Politics and Anthropology at St Edmund's. He's interested in making cool facts about the world digestible, accessible and entertaining - it's all about the (attention) economy! He's hoping that this year CUSEAS can get some deep research done and stay up-to-date with developments in Southeast Asia.


Vice President | Robinson

Fang En is a 3nd year HSPS student specialising in Sociology and Social Anthropology in Robinson College. She spends most of her time rushing to finish essays a day before they are due, which makes for a very boring (but stressful) life. She’s hoping to find a life outside her degree by being more engaged in CUSEAS.


Socials | Queens

My name is Bosba and I am a Cambodian composer. I decided to join CUSEAS as a socials officer because I have a deep commitment to building a strong and kind community. I know how much of a difference it feels to be heard and celebrated, as well as how it feels to be homesick. I'm overjoyed to be able to give back here to my greater community here at Cambridge, and I can't wait to meet everyone!


Events | Fitzwilliam

Eugene is a third year natsci at Fitzwilliam specialising in the History and Philosophy of Science. He enjoys meeting people and talking to them about life in general and is absolutely passionate about all-things (food especially!) Singapore. Especially those sick tunes from National Day. If you ever forget the lyrics to any of those songs or want some recs, he'll be the person to look for.


Externals | Queens

Zayne is a first year Mathmo at Queens'. Some of his interests are in writing strange computer programs, playing his Sheng. This year, he hopes to explore new areas of interests (hopefully related to SEA!) but writing self introductions will unlikely be one of them...


Pubs & Design | Selwyn

Jill is an MSt Creative Writing student at Selwyn College, with a focus on postcolonial and indigenous literatures. When she isn’t hitting snooze on the alarm after staying up till 4am to write, she’s probably butchering a song on the guitar or on Logic Pro. Butter and Maggi seasoning are Jill’s best friends.


Pubs & Design | Hughes Hall

Joey is a second-year geographer at Hughes Hall. He enjoys sleeping in and cooking , but mostly spending his time back in Singapore with his two dogs.

Ruoh Wen

Treasurer | Trinity Hall

Ruoh Wen is a 3rd year Phys Natsci at Trinity Hall, specialising in (bio)chemistry. She has chronic wrist pain from tracing things in Photoshop and/or GIMP. The most Southeast Asian thing she's done is wear flip-flops to Mainsbury's (much to the confusion of the locals); it never happened ever again.

Zi Ling

Secretary | Emmanuel

Zi Ling is a second-year HSPS student at Emmanuel College. She’s excited about creating a community of Southeast Asians at Cambridge and meeting new people. Most of her time outside of school is spent watching YouTube, cooking, and eating. She also loves spending time with her baby nephews but fervently hopes her eardrums won’t burst from their perpetual screaming.


Socials | Fitzwilliam

Sze-Chin is a second-year Law student from Singapore. She is interested in the history and geopolitics of Southeast Asia, and how our history explains current geopolitics. She spends most of her time drinking coffee, and the rest of it ordering coffee online.


Careers | Robinson

Donovan is a fresher studying HSPS at Robinson. He does not like drinking, but will do so under peer pressure.

kai en sponsorship.png
Kai en

General Committee | Wolfson

Kai En is a second year Phys NatSci from Wolfson. When he's not on YouTube procrastinating, Kai En enjoys wasting time playing board games. On the rare productive days, he may delay doing work by reading irrelevant books or by doing some programming.


Research | Magdalene

Rizka is a second year PhD student based in the MRC Epidemiology Unit. And, no, she’s not doing research on the current pandemic—instead her PhD research mainly focuses on finding out what facilitates and hinders students in various Asian countries to actively commute to schools. Would be happy to take you on long walks to enjoy nature, or pretty buildings, in and around Cambridge.

Li Zhi

Research | Hughes Hall

Lizhi is a 2nd year economics student at Hughes Hall. If you ever need to look for him, he is either chasing plastic discs on the field or hiding in his room trying to meet his essay deadlines.

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