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Have an opinion on current issues, politics, and beyond about Southeast Asia? Write an article for us!

Some article ideas we would be interested in:

  1. ASEAN vs EU - Integration against Sovereignty

  2. Environmental/Haze issues

  3. Poverty in Southeast Asian countries

  4. Southeast Asia's biodiversity crisis

  5. Grab vs Uber in Southeast Asia

  6. Banking in Southeast Asia

The death penalty in Southeast Asia

More casual articles:

  1. Travel guides of your home country/hometown!

  2. Book reviews on SEA

Of course, if you have any particular topics not mentioned above that you'd like to write about , feel free to send us a pitch of 150-200 words!


As a student-run, non membership-based society, we rely on sponsors to keep the discussion running and to provide a networking platform for our audience! Typically we are able to offer targeted publicity at Southeast Asian students in Cambridge University for your organisation, but we would be more than happy to discuss this. Please contact our sponsorship officer if your organisation is interested.

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